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We offer a comprehensive list of services for Commercial, Residential, and Institutional projects. We provide Night-Weekend Service, Same Day Estimates, and Same Week Service. Our projects cover work in the Tri-State Area.

We provide superior finishes in both Interior and Exterior coating environments. We care for and maintain properties for Commercial, Residential and Institutional clients, servicing the diverse needs of both the high-end designer as well as the practical and economic considerations of Property Managers and Landlords, and everything in between. We consider paint not only our business but our passion as well. As an artist, paint is one of things close to my heart. We are experts in the field of providing a uniform, long lasting and beautiful coating that will show off your architectural features.
Installing anything from antique, vintage, high-end paper goods to digital one-off prints is one of the things we have done almost from the beginning. Wall paper comes in many different shapes and sizes practically as diverse as the colors that paint comes in you will find that every paper is different and in need of specific handling and experience that we are more than capable of.
We do both interior and exterior staining of wood. Staining is a way of adding color to the wood to bring out its natural beauty and depth. Stain also provides protection from the U.V. elements found in sunlight. In fact many “clear” coatings actually have a small amount of pigment found in the formula for this purpose. Deck Stains will need to be refreshed every two years or so. We can help you start a low maintenance program to wooden decks and or varnishing exterior components.
Historical Finishes
When you consider that, not that long ago, when a painter came to work, and before cans of paint were available, a painter made, or prepared the paint used on the job, usually onsite. You can begin to appreciate your paint supply chain, of factory to store, and all the work and effort it saves the typical painter. But something got lost in all that perfection and predictability that is missing in modern manufactured paints. We have taken the time to explore and research some finer and relevant historical mixtures, recipes for use within a modern or historical homes. Examples range from clay paint, to lime wash, milk paints to hand ground oil and pigments. Now as the demand for no and low VOC paints and so called “Natural Paints” have increased, many exciting “new” products are offered. We are “Old House” experts with over 20 years experience in general older home and building knowledge, as well we have been maintaining beautifying and restoring our own 200 plus year old home! We would be happy to discuss how some of these unique finishes might apply to your home or building.
Color Consultation
Don’t let color be a problem for you! I am a big believer in helping our clients find their “ideal color” that will be perfect for them in context of their, room, apartment, or building and its use. We provide color sample boards and take into consideration lighting, furniture and decorative elements in the room. We are experts in accent walls as well as finding the best off-white color. In exterior applications we have performed historical research for homes finding appropriate colors and combinations that beautify the building. We take the time on every job to provide our customers with a one on one appointment, room by room, color problem by color problem, until we find the perfect color solution for you! Our Color services are free for all our customers for one appointment, or can be purchased additionally on an hourly basis as needed.
J P Interiors does plaster repair and building of many types of wall systems from traditional plaster over lathe to modern wallboard with mud-jointed seams. Plastering is a general term from anything from wall repair from water or other damage to taping up newly installed sheetrock to building up a plaster system over blue board.
Epoxy Floors
Two part paints offer a perfect way to protect and seal out rough masonry floors. It provides an easy to clean, high gloss surface that looks great and lasts many time longer that a one part oil paint traditionally used on floors. Careful preparation and use of great products provide a viable solution to coating your masonry basement, garage or stairway commercial or residential floor. Tougher, longer lasting and much shinier than using an oil based finish your floor will look better, and look good for years to come!
Exterior Painting
Despite our name, “Interiors” we enjoy working outdoors, and have completed many projects that have held up extremely well due to our high attention to detail in preparing a surface for painting. This is especially important to do in Exterior Painting considering the elements that the paint will be facing. We take this very seriously and strive to give you the best in terms of longevity and appearance. We use moisture meters and PH strips to test before applying our coatings, and avoid the mistakes made by people painting with no professional background or experience. We will repaint iron fences, doorways and entire houses. Wood shingles clapboards are our specialty. We also provide carpentry repairs for areas that sometimes appear in a typical exterior painting project.
Power Washing
Our 2 power washing units we keep ready for service in all the warmer months. We use these high water pressure cleaning machines for preparation of exterior elements like wood decks and siding, but for use in general cleaning and maintenance of sidewalks, bricks, facades, stucco, driveways, walkways and wooden decks. In conjunction with power washing is a chemical cleaning and scrubbing on gutters, soffits and overhangs. It’s best not to let the dirt build up and do yearly applications of power washing and cleaning of exterior siding etc.
Maintenance Contracts
We provide Commercial property owners as well as Home owners with affordable pre-scheduled painting services in the form of a yearly contract that will help you maintain your interior or exterior projects before they fail and became a problem. Maintaining your painted surfaces will provide a longer lasting job and keep your environment looking bright fresh and clean!
Varnish, traditionally speaking, is a mixture of drying oil, resin and solvent with some small amount of pigment. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. But the term used as an adjective is most often meant for the use of any clear-coating wood, typically like that found on boats or homes near the water. We have a lot of experience in varnishing wood doors found on the exterior of many beautiful brownstones as well as some old classic boats.
This involves the application of a textural compound applied to a surface of a ceiling or wall, or even trim, when you want to add some interesting, yet subtle layers to a room. As a more elaborate cousin to Decorative Surfaces this technique can serve on its own or as a base layer to a Dec. Surface. We offer some subtle and compelling custom examples of this often underutilized decorative element.
Brushing vs. Rolling
In many of our clients older homes they will specify to have their ceilings, and walls brushed on instead of rolled on, using a paint roller. As the paint roller is a modern invention, post war, it produces its own signature look of a light stipple or smooth orange peel. We find this application of brushing using large, wide brushes to yield interesting and subtle results. While it is a vastly more historically appropriate finish, it lends itself well to creating a unique country home look, with a slightly rustic influence. As to whether or not doors and wood work should be brushed or rolled out, we always say brushed unless the door is a completely flat panel, then perhaps yes.
Roll and Tip
Roll and tipping is a technique that we use with a good quality enamel to produce an almost sprayed on look. It involves careful use of high quality tools, careful preparation and a clean working environment. Using a roller to apply or lay down a consistent and wet paint film then immediately streaking through the paint with hard brush to further refine the layer of paint, tipping. Using this technique with the appropriate enamel will produce a near flawless finish that will rival a sprayer application.
Cabinet Painting
We can provide a sprayed on finish, but most times because of environmental considerations inside the home we will repaint old or new cabinets with the roll and tip method yielding beautiful results. Repainting tired or worn cabinet finishes provides a great alternative to the cost of renovating. At this time new hardware can also be added.
We can provide a custom glaze to any surface including walls, ceilings, cabinetry to produce a distressed or aged look to the work.
We have much experience with both HVLP and Airless paint technologies. In the right context with these machines we are capable, of delivering a powerful and economically viable solution for getting your job completed while offering superior coverage for complex surfaces as well as finer finishes.
Taping and Drywall
By painting over as many boards as we have, we have come to know the pitfalls and pros of this very common type of construction. Taping is the filling or mudding of the gaps or joints between boards of sheet rock method used almost universally today. The small gaps are filled using paper tape and compound. We specify and follow all taping using approved U.S.G methods, practices and procedures for levels of finish. Often you will find poor construction in the form of nail pops and cracks. When we do the taping we inspect the boards for correct installation and structural soundness. As well when installing Drywall we will install them with the correct quality and amount of fasteners, also subscribing to the correct USG building standards as well as local fire and building codes.
Skim Coating
Basically skim coating is a new veneer on the surface of a wall or ceiling, whether it is new drywall, or an old plaster wall. Reinforcing this is sometimes a layer of fiberglass mesh tape and or a layer of oil primer underneath the skim coating. All repair work is done first and then the skim coating is done as the final layer just before the second coat of primer and the final finish paint. Often times why someone “needs” skim coating is more a factor of aesthetics than a matter of necessity. Skim coating can solve the problem of different “peels” in a ceiling or wall surface from appearing irregular. Peel is the term used for the texture signature of the surface, like the peel of an orange, with its particular surface appearance. If many repairs are needed in a wall, for instance, then almost by default a wall will be skim coated. Sometimes skim coating involves just a light coating of the surface to make it look consistent and smooth and other times more layers are needed. Skim coating on new sheet rocking can also solve the problem of flashing.
Wall and Ceiling Repair
This is probably one of the most common services that we perform. We permanently repair failing and falling plaster ceilings over wood lathe. Many times, vibration, leaks, plumbing or electrical holes are the unfortunate reason for getting a painting estimate. We are experts in getting walls and ceilings back to and better than original shape. We employ a series of techniques in making sure that the repair is sound and will last for years. That is why we are so confident that we offer a Full 5 Year Guarantee on all repair work.
Custom Colors/Color Matching
Color is very important to us and we understand your need to get it right! We employ our own modern pigment dispensing machine for ease of use and high-accuracy as well as repeatable results. We can also use our own color spectrometer for a match to any Benjamin Moore Color. Also provided is hand mixing for specialty one of kind colors, 1/2 formulas of colors, as well as perform complex color schedules and specific color instructions. We have years of experience as well as formal training as an artist and colorist. Draw down samples can be made upon request of all custom colors. General color advice and consultation is available by appointment.
Painter for a Day Program
This offers an easy solution to hiring a painter without setting up an appointment for estimates or color consolation. Perfect for smaller and last minute jobs. You can hire us to do just about any small painting project for the day or two as needed. We can offer you competitively priced day rates for professional painting services with a licensed and insured company. You provide the paint and we bring the needed labor and tools to your site. Call us for rates and more information.
Paint Analysis
We are local experts in coatings and preventing the most common causes for paint failure in our industry. We maintain a high level of knowledge about all current issues in the Architectural Coatings Industry, as well we have access to highly trained individuals and both paint chemists in the lab and coating analysts in the field. We can provide basic information and technical knowledge in preventing and solving paint and coating failures. We provide some simple onsite tests to determine what the likely causes are and how to solve them. Call us today if you think your paint is failing and needs correcting.
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