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We believe we provide something very special to our customers

Over our 18 years in business we have crafted a unique and unrivaled methodology for implementing our standards and procedures for getting what our customers want the most.

We accomplish this through our written “Interior House Painting Process” and other documents like our written “Daily Interior Clean-up Check-List“.For us these documents are not just marketing materials, but actually form the instructions and code for what we do every day, for every customer. These steps and protocols are just the beginning towards getting the customer, a job done the right way, for a reasonable price-without all the headaches and hassles that are commonly associated with other painters and so called painting services. We avoid a project filled with missed deadlines, hidden charges and faulty workmanship, we go beyond those minimal expectations and deliver something quite unique in our industry. In order to maintain our high standards of excellence we follow a strict guideline for delivering a finished job that exceeds your expectations.

Points to consider when choosing your contractor for your next finishing project.

  • Written 27 Step House Painting Processes (so you know specifically what you are getting for your hard-earned dollars)
  • Written Contracts with start and finish dates spelled out
  • 50 Local References You Can Call
  • Owner on site everyday to maintain quality control
  • Written Estimate with Price Guarantee
  • Artist run business
  • Employee training / Written Code of Conduct
  • One Year Touch-up Guarantee